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News Release: Ethnic Studies Faculty Asking CSU Trustees to Help Main Integrity of AB1460

CSU ACADEMIC SENATORS (ASCSU) OPPOSE CHANCELLOR TIMOTHY WHITE’S ETHNIC STUDIES CHANGES AND NOW CSU TRUSTEES MUST DECIDE The CSU Council on Ethnic Studies Asks CSU Trustees to Help Maintain the Integrity of AB1460 Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement ASCSU voted against a forced general education (GE) requirement ASCSU voted that each campus should have autonomy around […]

Additional Sample Advocacy Letter

Draft Sample AB1460 Advocacy Letter 11/08/2020  Dear (ASCSU, Board of Trustees, Chancellor White, Governor Newsom, …)  As a ___[insert title or role, e.g. Professor, chair of…], I write to strongly  encourage you to support the California State University (CSU) Council on Ethnic  Studies’ (CES) proposal to implement the Weber Bill AB1460 Ethnic Studies  requirement as […]

Core Competencies for Ethnic Studies Systemwide Graduation Requirement

We, the California State University Council on Ethnic Studies, approve all of the following as  our core competencies. These competencies include a minimum number of criteria and a  minimum number of learning objectives to be used by campus-specific Ethnic Studies experts  and each campus’s academic senate curricular bodies to determine if a lower-division or upper […]